Monday, March 21, 2005

What a week!!! I love Spring Break!

Well this was a great week. It was so busy and had so many different things going on but it was a pretty good week.

We arrived on Tuesday to look at a house that we had wanted to rent, but we couldn't see it that day. So we got to BJ's parents' house to discover that his great grandmother was doing very bad and we all needed to go up and see her. So we did and it was very sad to have to see her in such a terrible state. She was talking alot though and was very aware of everyone so that was good. We thought that she may not make it through the night, but the next day she bounced back and was doing well again. I know that she is in God's hands and he is going to allow her to live the rest of her life out peacefully and I pray without sickness.

Wednesday we got to go to the doctor to meet the assistant. She was great and I really liked her. I had gained a whole 2 1/2lbs since my first visit at 7 weeks, which is very normal so that was good to know that everything was on track and expanding.

Then we got to go look at the house. WE LOVED IT. It was perfect and we immediately filled out the lease papers and hoped that the lease would go through even though we didn't want it for two months. That night we hung out with an old friend and his new wife at their new place. It was so fun to hang out with them and get to know them a little better. We ate homemade salsa at their place and then went out to dinner at this place called Fajita Jacks. It was pretty cool. They had mariachie's and everything. BUT, the mariachi's were very americanized. They wanted to sing more american songs then old classic spanish songs. It was hilarious. One guy was dressed up like Elvis and danced all around like him too. So funny!! Then we went back to the house and played Balderdash in which I made up a new word accidentally "Redorkish" ?? I just said it trying to combine, retarded, dorky and ridiculous. It was funny.

Then thursday I went down to my aunt's house and did two MK facials. I have been doing a bunch this week and getting better at knowing about my products.

Friday we got the bummer news that someone else offered to rent the house this week instead of waiting, so we didn't get it . Big bummer, but God has something better out their for us. Then we went shopping all day and throughout the day I realized that my stomach was starting to hang out of my t-shirt. How we went to Ross and I got a maternity outfit. The pants are really cute, khaki capris and then a three quarter sleeved dress shirt. I felt so comfy in them. I am officially out of all normal fitting shirts and pants....time to bump it up a size. This baby is growing :) That night we went to Jamie's 25 bd party . It was great to see old friends and hang out.

Saturday Bj had to go back home, which was sad because he has two tests this week and had to come back for school, meaning he had to miss our first ultrasound . Very sad. I hung out with my mom all day and walked around the new mall area and it was a great girl time. We had a blast. Then the rain Blasted us. It was so cold and we had to walk in it--the water was up to my ankles and it was freezing. Luckily it stopped before it got up above the slab at the house. THat would have been disastrous.

Then Sunday was church and family lunch and then TODAY was here finally!!!! The ultrasound. I can't even describe how awesome it was to see the little one for the first time. And hear the heartbeat. I loved it. We oooh'ed and ahhhed alot. And there was only one little baby in there!! It must have been sleeping because it didn't move around until right at the end we were about to wrap up the ultrasound and it kicked its little leg and rolled over and stretched. I freaked out. It was so amazing to see it, much less see it move!!! I've got some pictures to put on here later on. And they moved my due date up one day!! Whoo hoo....I'm just glad it wasn't moved back! So I am due October 1. The day of the race for the cure :)

well i am in aw of my baby . I can't wait to find out what it is and see it again!! Oh, and I gained another pound!! 3 total so far!!!


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