Tuesday, January 11, 2005

2nd first day of school

Well second first day of school is halfway finished. I went to my intro to photojournalism class and I am really excited--a little overwhelmed, but excited. I love to take pictures and I am glad to get to learn how to take pictures, how to develop my own film and the best part is its all dealing with black and white film. I LOVE B/W. So this should be a very fun class.

I'm taking some really great classes this semester....Consumer behavior, to know how and why my future customers do the things they do and purchase the things they do....Intro to Photojournalism which can never hurt for the advertising industry as well as common life.... Retail Management, which again is good for me to know how to run my store one day....Fitness theory and practice, the best....a college level HIGH SCHOOL P.E. CLASS....talk about fun times!! Bring on the dodgeball, kickball, and extreme frisbee!!!!!! Of course, this is very essential :) and lastly....Interviewing...which is good for being able to get a job, plus being able to hire one day.

Also did I mention that my interviewing prof is 25 YEARS OLD???!!!! He's like 2 years older than me!! How is that allowed! He came in and I literally thought he was a student or at most a T.A. but no, he is the teach...pretty funny...and he tries to act cool and stuff....we'll see how this goes...the good part is we only have to go to class until spring break, then.....we are free.........WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

So now I have to sadfully go to my last class of the day....P.E. What a drag ;) J/K. I'm just glad I have got some great classes to finish out my college experience with.



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