Friday, December 17, 2004

In the beginning

So for those of you who have been reading my online journal...this will be old news, but for you newbies welcome to the adventures in Munson Land :) I decided to switch to this site because I like it better than LiveJournal. I am a major journaler (duh, I am a journalism major...go figure.) and like to keep track of the things that go on in my life, especially now that I am married.

I got married a little over a year ago to a wonderful man and my high school sweetheart :) We have been together almost five years and it has been a wonderful journey. I think that each day of our marriage I am able to discover new things about BJ as well as myself. Its wonderful and sometimes I don't like what I find in myself. But that is what marriage is for...its a journey to help one another along the road.

Anyway, we just finished our semesters here at Baylor and now only one more to go. Graduation is becoming a reality finally!! Its so exciting. So now we are setting in for the holidays.

I figured this would be a great way for our family to keep track of us during the months that are pretty hectic and seems like we have no contact with the outside world for weeks :) Now you can rest-assure that we are still alive in the little town of Waco!

Maybe I can even talk BJ into posting every-once-in-a-while :) Don't get your hopes up!


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